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Having a Will is really important as it gives you a voice when you are no longer here and makes sure that your Assetts go to the right people. 

If you die without a Will then you will die intestate, which means the government will intervene to wind up your estate giving you no control over who is to inherit.

So when is the best time to arrange a Will.

If you own property with someone else, are married and/or have children then you should definitely have a Will.

But even if you have already arranged a Will in the past, it is important to keep it up to date, as life changes in a positive way you need to ensure your documents reflect your life stage.  Ask about our FREE Will review service.

Our Services;

Mirror Wills
Power of Attorney
Living Wills

Our approach to estate planning is all about transparency, so before we even meet with you we will provide our general terms and conditions and menu of options which lets you know what everything costs.

We offer a free initial appointment to meet to understand your needs and make a recommendation.  Once you are happy and your documents have been signed off, we will store them in a legal safe for free and contact you once a year to keep things up to date.  There may be a fee for advice in relation to Wills, this amount may vary depending on your circumstances but the typical fee will be £395.  In advance of our meeting we will give you a copy of our Menu of Options outlining the advice areas we provide and the associated cost.


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