life can be very expensive without you


Life insurance pays out a lump sum or a regular income if you die unexpectedly. It can go towards paying off your mortgage and living costs for your family after you’re gone which means your family should not have money worries when times are already tough.

Generally, you need life insurance if you have a partner, children or other members of your family who rely on you financially. Most people take it out when they buy a home with a mortgage and when they have children.

Cheapest may not be best, so consider your needs and those of your family. The key areas to take into account are the size of your mortgage and other major debts; how much you earn; how much your young family will need to support themselves until they are grown up.

There are various types of life insurance available:- level, decreasing, critical illness, serious illness, and family income benefit.

Knowing which one is right for you can be daunting.

Thats why we make things easy for you.  We offer a FREE intial appointment to meet and understand your needs and budget.

Using this information we will research from a range of insurers to recommend the most appropriate solution for you.

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